Differences between Home and the UK

Studying in my country was a memorable experience. It makes me remember the joy you have after finishing the day and going home to see your family with the little voice in you saying ‘Yes I’m finally back home’. Anyway, I attended The Regent Secondary School Abuja, Nigeria. It was a school that followed the British curriculum and its way of life and indeed it was a school I will never ever forget.

Hence, the teaching style in my country and in the UK is not that much different. I could clearly remember when we used to close at 5 p.m. and also had prep in school, we also had a lot of teachers who were as good as the ones here, the workload was way more and the friendship was not a thing to talk about. Since it was in my country I obviously felt freer and had more friends compared with here in the UK. In contrast, I have fewer friends in the UK. Furthermore, the size of the class is less compared with in my school back home.

Personally, my expectations have been on a high both in my country and here in the UK, because I am a very ambitious and determined person. I came to the UK to be a success and hopefully I will.


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