Reflect on foundation English class

English Class: Mr. Mark Thomas

Mr. Mark Thomas is my tutor for Foundation English. He is a very interesting and knowledgably teacher. I am studying this course so as to improve my English skills before I enter university although my English is not bad, I think no knowledge is lost and hence it is helpful and useful. There are quite a number of differences between academic and general English study as the former is more grammatical and formal while the latter is informal and less grammatical and also slangs can be used. I enjoy the class as it’s always lively, even though I hate double periods as I find it long, stressing and it makes me sleepy, and I do try to concentrate till the end. Truly speaking I do not find anything confusing in my English class but I know I do need to improve on my spelling grammar and vocabulary and also my speaking in general. I talk to people in the class and we also do group work and from what I know, they rate the teacher very high. We are taught for 5 hours every week through speech, text and other sources like videos, etc. Overall my Foundation English class is beyond satisfactory and I’m glad to have a teacher of such quality.


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