Reflect on CIT class

Mr. Tim Hewson leads my Core Information Technology (CIT) class. He is a very knowledgeable teacher in this field of study and the class is interesting although sometimes it is too cold. What I enjoy most about my CIT class is when the teacher offers us snacks, that happened only twice but it would have been better more often. Personally I am studying this course, as it is what I aim to explore more in life hence deciding to pursue a degree in this line of study. I do not find anything complicated in this class as I find the subject quite easy and interesting but I do need to start finishing my work on time as I think I have never done that. The class consists of about 8 students and we are taught in-group for one hour, five times in a week. I understand most of the things we are been taught in class, and mostly the work is practical. Meaning on the computer where we get to use applications like Word, Excel, and Access and PowerPoint but for now we have just worked on word and access, as we haven’t gone deeply into the term. I anticipate learning more and discovering what I haven’t yet learned in computing, as I believe it is the way forward.


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