Out and about during half-term

On a cold Thursday night as my friends and I went out to dine together, we had the intention of going to a restaurant but were unsure about which to go to. We checked the map and other websites in search for a ‘posh restaurant’, as the ladies would say. Some said Chinese some Italian some Arabian, some said Nandos, some Pizza Hut. Some were just following the crowd and honesty I was part.

Having spent about an hour arguing and searching online we embarked on a journey to eat in a good restaurant somewhere, somehow. First we went to a near by restaurant and menus were in our hands, we almost started ordering and then our mind changed again. We came out and walked and walked and saw another restaurant a few meters away, entered but criticized it then went on to another and another, and the same old story. Funny enough after the undesired night jogging and exercise for about an hour doing the same job, we stopped at an unknown restaurant to eat as the hunger was beyond our control. We ate untill our fill and laughed at ourselves, blamed almost everyone, as no one wanted to admit it was his or her fault. Indeed we had a good day out and I hope more of it will happen but in an organized and sensible way so as to avoid the stress we had.


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