Reflect on the term overall

20121126-034549 PM.jpg

I clearly remember when I first came to Bellerbys College Brighton. It was on a cold Monday night as I came to the residence side and to my room. I could also remember my first day in class that was the next day, on Tuesday morning with Business Maths and now all these days have gone, and it’s almost the end of the term. This term I have studied four subjects, which are: English, Computing, Business Studies and Business Math. I do like the subjects but I started on a bad note with Business Math, as I know I was not that good in Mathematics but I did overcome that problem with much effort, determination and practice. The four subjects can be said to be all related and useful. So far this term, I have learned a lot even though I have not gone that far or stayed for long in this school. I have made a lot of friends and have learned how to be independent in life hence exploring myself and knowing more about my ability.

I have faced a few challenges for example being homesick, trying to improve on something I failed badly; well I mean a test, etc. My opinions have changed as I now believe more in the never give up spirits. I believe with much effort you can make it to the mountaintop. This all originated from my experience in Business Math, even though I am not sure if I will pass it. I know I have given it all I can as a human to pass and hopefully I will. I have also faced the challenge of doing things myself and holding myself responsible for the outcome and also learning to go out on my own. This term has been beyond sensational and the events I have attended here at Bellerbys will be perhaps cherished forever. I look forward to attending lots more of their events whether been socially or academically related. Furthermore the football we play every weekend has been a major player in making me see through this term as it helps in keeping me fit and healthy as it requires hard work, leadership and also team work. Overall, this term has gone well and I hope to enjoy all my days here at Bellerbys.

I have learned a lot during this term especially in all my four subjects and I hope to achieve more and do better next term. I can proudly say that over this term, I have built relationships that are indeed special. I have made a lot of friends who have played a significant role in making my life at Bellerbys good and indeed satisfactory. There were always there for me, encouraging me and motivating me, and also tutors who have been more than teachers, and pals who always make me laugh. I would clearly remember having a conversation with my friend on how I was going to adapt as I have never been far from home in this manner with just me, myself and I but, I can now say that I have blended to life here. I am also looking out for what more life has to offer in this school, this city and indeed this country as a whole.


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