Topic 1: “Digital Residents” and “Digital Immigrants”

Based upon my readings, researches and findings, the best way to fully understand the concept of “Digital Residents” and “Digital Immigrants” is summarized in this short video by David White from the University of Oxford [1].

So in a nutshell, digital resident and digital immigrants is a metaphoric term introduced by White and Le Cornu as a replacement for Digital Native and Digital Immigrant, which was first, introduced by Marc Prensky in the early 2000. The concept of digital immigrants basically has to do with individuals that come on the web for a particular purpose, perform what they want and leave. They do not leave a trace of themselves online. An example can be an old man searching for the types of plants online. Digital residents on the other hands are the kind of people that are being immersed in technology from a very early age. They leave a trace of themselves online as perhaps they have profiles on various social networks and sites for example Instagram, Twitter, etc.

“Age is not the predominant factor in the successful engagement with digital technology and the web. But on our motivation to engage.” [2]

I believe this statement because currently there is a twitter account of a famous 86 year-old woman who we might consider a digital immigrant due to her age but in fact she is not as she is considered “the coolest person on twitter right now” [3]. Her twitter handle is @baddiewinkle. A few screenshots of some of her tweets are shown below.





This explains that the concept of digital residents and digital immigrants does not always necessary implies that old people are the visitors and young people are the residents as from my own online experience this old woman might be more tech-savvy than most young individuals. Personally, I consider myself both as a resident and an immigrant as the time I spent online I hardly give opinions or leave a trace of myself, etc. Perhaps this is because I am a computer scientist hence I have some much emphasis on privacy and security. Also it is worth noting that the concept of digital residents and digital immigrants does not aim to categorically define two sets of individuals on the web but to highlight the purpose of how individuals engages in their activities with digital technology.



[2] David White,


[4] My screenshot

[5] My screenshot


5 thoughts on “Topic 1: “Digital Residents” and “Digital Immigrants”

  1. I like the idea of making use of the videos and images as it makes the blog interesting and in some cases understandable for viewers. however there are some areas which needs to be improved on, such as the title, for me it seems that the title is a bit boring and in theory the little should be interesting and eye catching e.g. having it as rhetorical question to make people think and persuade them to carry on reading the text, it might help if there is a short introduction to the blog, so from reading it, the readers will know what exactly the blog is about. In terms of explaining the “digital residents” and “digital visitors” i think you have done a good job.
    it would be best if the referencing is done either in Harvard style or IEEE style as they are professional way of referencing. However overall i think you have produced a good piece pf work.

  2. You have made a formidable discussion about residents and visitor users of the web. I like the the youtube video that you included. It really does clearly draw the line between two types of users, I have also made use of this video but I haven’t included it in my blog, which was a great idea if I did include it.

    I agree with the point you made about the users which can’t be categorised by age or generations and I like the picture of an old lady with her twit included in your post, which proofs in a funny way that there are residents in web also from the older generations.

    It is a really detailed and understandable explanation that you have made over all, however I think if you would have given examples of each categories from your own personal life and experience it would have been even better.

  3. Aliyu you have explained digital immigrants, visitors and residence very well, specially with a video in the blog I really like the idea, it used small a space and explained a lots and it doesn’t effect your word count very cleaver idea, well done.

    Also the images and the twit of the old women are well fitted in the blog and that support your idea that there is a senior members in the web who can be residence or visitor and the age or gender can’t separate between digital visitors or residence.

    Overall your blog is good, I enjoy reading that but I think it could be even better if you can express yourself more than people references. At this point it’s worth to make a point that your blog text is good and well explain but the title can be improve and if you can add sub title to direct your reader in sections that will help reader and it will stand out.


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