A Reflective Summary on Topic 1: “Digital Residents” and “Digital Immigrants”

The concepts of digital residents and digital immigrants have proved to be yet a parley issue as an enormous number of people have their own views and opinions of the topic. However the video I included in my blog seems to be a source that educated people on the overall concept as shown by the comments I received on the blog.

Zia’s blog [1] also had some vital information on the concept of how users can be viewed on the web however it has sparked an inner debate within myself on whether an individual can be both a resident and an immigrant at a specific phase of his or her life. As I was during further readings, I came across Saber’s blog [2] and the image that illustrated the concept of digital residents and digital immigrants as a continuum rather than two separate boxes cleared the hypothesis I had earlier. Namat’s blog [3] was also of great interest and the idea he presented by using himself as an example saying he perhaps lives a significant amount of his life online whilst ascribing it to the world of the 21st century we are now in, where virtually whatever you want to do has some link to the internet and with the coming of The Internet of Things, individuals have no chance than to embrace the fully connected world we are incorporating.

Overall having read and commented on my colleagues’ blogs I personally feel that the concept of digital resident and immigrant is a topic that is and will be evolving and perhaps more research is needed in order to fully grasp the concept as from the blogs I have read, references were all from similar sources hence leading me to have that hypothetical-thinking.


[1] https://ziaahmed2014.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/hello-world/

[2] https://saberhamidi.wordpress.com

[3] https://namatsadiqee.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/4/


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