Topic 3: A reflective summary on climb online with self-branding

There are enormous ways in which you can build your online professional profile. As this was been discussed by all of my #UOSM2008 colleagues, what I really liked about this topic was how everyone approached it differently. Indeed there was no right or wrong answer but it all resulted in a better understanding of the topic.

As I was doing some readings, research and findings, I came across Olivia’s blog [1] and I have indeed learned subsequently since reading and commenting on her work. She gave an anecdote by using soon to be graduates like us and highlighted why we should be more sophisticated when it comes to looking for jobs online and also gave some tips. However she talked about the need for us to say who we truly are, show what we truly like doing, etc. and I raised the issue of it been wrongly interpreted as it might be a double edge sword, since you cannot guarantee how an employer might think or approach it. Things even got more interesting when I came across Andrew’s blog [2] as he kept emphasizing on the need to privatize our profiles on the Internet hence I replied as it is important to notice that privacy settings cannot always cover all liabilities. A comment which I received no reply. Sarah commented on my blog [3] saying how she really liked it etc. and also asked my thought on whether I believe there is a need for anyone to conceal their identity online just to secure a job to which I replied by saying no as it is better to not have stuff like ‘drunken photos’ etc. as you cannot guarantee how an employer might think or react to it.

Overall this topic has been of great interest and I have gained profound knowledge from reading, researching and commenting on other people’s blog, advices and tips that would be applied to the rest of my life.






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