Final Module Reflection: “Goodbye is not the end of everything but merely the beginning of something…”

2015… 2015 has indeed been a remarkable year so far. Half way round the year I undoubtedly have a lot to say. Perhaps because it was the year that marked my two decades existence, or because it was the year my country had its first ever free and fair election or simply because it was the year I started this module: Living and Working On The Web!

Over the period of this course, the development of my own online professional profile has been tremendous. As this blog is been limited to a few words, so is my explanation but I have developed my own LinkedIn profile, WordPress profile, Twitter profile, etc. In fact evidences base for these development are shown below.

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In terms of comparing my current online activities with how I used these channels before, well the evidences speaks for themselves as you can see on image 3 that in 2012 I had only about 100 views whilst in 2015 I have over 500 views (a 400% increase) and indeed this is remarkable… This also proves the sphere of influence of my online identity, online professional profile, use of social media, publication and overall my digital footprint (referring to topic 2,3,4 & 5). It can also be seen that I have had a global audience in term of views of my blog, virtually from all the continents of the world!

Also with the aid of the self-test document, it is with pride that I say I have improved remarkably as before I had no experience with regards to participating in online communities and building online networks around an area of interest but now I am very experienced in those area. Attached below is the overall self-test document comparing my level of digital literacy before and after the module course.

UOSM2008 Digital Profile – Self Test

UOSM2008 Digital Profile – Self Test

I have learned enormously during this module and it has been of great interest to me as I have gained profound knowledge both online and offline. This module was astonishingly divergent from any module that I have ever done as all you needed was online. Although I am doing an IT degree, I did not fully grasp the potential of social media until I started this module.

“This module has led me to the realisation of the power of social media in our everyday lives. How it can be a catalyst in the architecture of your own rise or downfall.”

Below is a video that I have created summarizing my experience about this module.


Indeed I did not just lived and worked on the web in terms of this module. I went beyond that, I even dreamt of it (I’m serious), I constantly thought of it and it is with pride that I say this is the best module I have done so far in my university life. Henceforth I have taken the decision to make blogging part of my life. Do you think this is a good idea? Please let me know by taking part in the poll below.


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